One can find basketball and football to be among the most popular sports for American bettors, however, these can be seen getting a bit dull for the dedicated sports bettor. So, what are the next options to choose that would be worthy to check? If you are looking for something new in sports to bet then don’t worry, you have too many niche sports to follow. How about the most niche sports to bet on. Have a look at the same:


For traditional sports fans, it can be called a little off the wall in order to bet on people sitting over the front of the TV screen while playing video games. It is called the new college football, eSports is seen experiencing the meteoric rise in order to get the shows that tend to remain popular with no signs of stopping. 2018 has already gained around 906 million USD for the gambling revenue in the region winning around $6.7 billion. Some of the best options to win include the League of Legends World Championships, the Call of Duty World League Championship, and The International: Dota2 Championships.


If you happen to be an adrenaline junkie then betting over the sports like motorsports can really help in satisfying your needs. This is among the fastest-growing spectator sports found in the US and it has more than 15 million people who bet on this sport. Some of the popular sports in this category include Formula One, and NASCAR, where people bet a lot.


If you feel that boxing is not in the niche market when there is so much buzz around the high profile matches. But there are so many other options, which remain a heavy hitter on the pay per view. Apart from the betting over the match results, you can even think of betting for other matches that end well getting the best of the rounds along with backing up the rounds. If you talk about boxing, it offers bettors with a great amount of flexibility that can work in the best of your favor.


This has another name called Ultimate Fighting Championship, which seems to have shot up with the popularity ratings found up with high-profile matches along with the women’s UFC. In gambling terms, we can find it to be the best niche sport. Once it is deemed, it can have human cockfighting, boxing comes a long way. It is a legitimate way to offer more and with less amount of barbaric rules that remain acceptable in the top options of sports for betting.

Ice Hockey

The next sport for betting can be Ice Hockey, which comes after football and other games. It can be called the fast-paced action on the ice along with the ice hockey with the fan base. The sports can be even called the fastest game on the plant that deals with flying pucks in the air that moves more than 100 miles per hour. The best sports include American Hockey League (AHL), and the National Hockey League (NHL) for the Ice Hockey category to bet along.


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