From the big screens in Leeds to the bustling crowds in London, these are the 10 best fan zones to watch the 2024 Euros.

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With the Euros kicking off in June, football fans up and down the UK will be looking for the best places to watch the games. Whether it’s punching the air in triumph or anticipating the outcome of a penalty, thousands of fans will be seeking the best atmosphere to watch the line-up of games this year. 

But with all the different fan zones on offer to watch the games this summer, which ones are the best in the UK? 

To find out, the Betway has looked at 18 different fan zones showing the Euros around the UK. We’ve analysed data including the average price of entry, the venues’ Google ratings, the number of Google searches, the price of a soft drink and local transport in order to create the ultimate guide on the best UK fan zones.  

1. Millennium Square Fan Zone, Leeds

Taking the crown as the best fan zone to watch the Euros in the UK is Millennium Square in Leeds.

Located in the bustling heart of Leeds, Millennium Square will be home to the 2024 Euro Fanzone, where all of England’s group stage matches against Serbia, Denmark, and Slovenia, along with the thrilling knockout stages, will be shown live on a giant screen.

Football fans hoping to enjoy a game day will have to buy an advance ticket, which is reasonably priced, costing around £5 for entry. Once inside, fans can enjoy a variety of refreshments to keep their spirits high. Soft drinks like Coke cost an average of just £1.65 in the city centre.

Millennium Square’s vibrant setting, combined with its 4.4 Google rating, showcases its popularity among locals and visitors alike. The venue’s central location ensures easy accessibility, making it a go-to spot for football enthusiasts eager to soak up the game-day excitement. Getting to and from the Millennium Square fan zone is also on the affordable side, with one-way transport tickets in Leeds priced as low as £2.

Whether you’re a Leeds local or travelling from afar, this fan zone offers a welcoming environment where you can enjoy the true spirit of football in full this year.

2. 4TheFans Fan Park, Bristol

Taking the second spot for the best Euro fan zone to watch this year’s games is the Bristol 4TheFans Fan Park.

The lively venue, located at 45 Feeder Road, is gearing up to host fans for all of England’s group stage matches this summer and is designed to provide an exceptional viewing experience with its large anti-glare screens spread across the venue, ensuring that every fan has a clear view of the action.

While the Bristolian fan park is not the cheapest venue in our rankings, with an average entry fee of around £10, it still stands as a reasonably priced option. Eager fans should grab their tickets soon, however, before tickets sell out and prices increase.

For fans looking to stay refreshed, the fan park offers a variety of soft beverages with an average price of a coke costing around £2 in Bristol city centre. Transportation to and from the fan park is also budget-friendly, with one-way tickets costing only £1.67.

The Bristol 4TheFans Fan Park also promises a variety of entertainment to enhance the football festivities. Football fans can look forward to a lively atmosphere, appearances by football legends, a world-class sound system and DJs that will keep the game day energy high.

3. The Three Sisters, Edinburgh

The Three Sisters, in Edinburgh, secures the third spot as one of the best fan zones in the UK for catching all the Euros excitement.

The lively venue has earned its spot as one of the best fan zones in the UK, offering free entry where fans can watch all the games on the big screen. It has also boasted an impressive average Google rating of 4.1 and a high search volume of 8,100 in the last six months.

The Three Sisters stands out for its affordability, ranking as the third cheapest in our study for a soft drink, with a Coke costing around £1.60 in the Scottish capital.

With its combination of accessibility, value, and lively ambience, The Three Sisters offers a good home to fans eager to immerse themselves in the Euros spirit.

4. Forest Fan Park, Nottingham

Taking the fourth spot in our rankings is the Nottingham Forest Fan Park.

The Nottingham Forest Fan Park is set to provide an exciting atmosphere for all of England’s group stage matches, attracting fans with its free entry and superb viewing experience. The fan park will feature large screens that ensure every fan has a clear view of the action.

For those looking to stay refreshed, the venue offers a variety of soft beverages, with the average price of a Coke costing £1.77 in Nottingham. Additionally, transportation to and from the venue is fairly affordable, with one-way tickets costing around £2.70, making it an affordable and convenient option for both locals and visitors.

The Nottingham Forest Fan Zone also offers a wide range of entertainment for football fans. Attendees can look forward to a day packed with delicious street food available onsite, live entertainment and special guest appearances. A lineup that is set to truly enhance the football festivities.

5. Luna Springs, Birmingham

Rounding off our top five is Birmingham’s Luna Springs fan zone.

With a £10 entry fee, Luna Springs is on the pricier side, but it promises an experience that’s worth every penny. The buzzing venue boasts an impressive 4.6 Google rating, making it a favourite among Brum locals.

The atmosphere at Luna Springs is set to bring the football festivities into full force as it is home to giant LED screens that ensure every fan has a crystal-clear view of the game. But the excitement doesn’t end there. The fan zone offers an array of mouth-watering street food and affordable refreshments, with soft drinks like Coke available for just £1.60 in the city.

Accessibility and affordability is another strong point for Luna Springs. Getting to the venue with a one-way transport ticket will cost football fans around £2.45.

Luna Springs is also set to host all-day live entertainment, from DJs to live bands, making it a great location for a match day experience.

Will you be heading to a fan zone near you to watch the Euros this year?

Sources and methodology

For this study, we created a seedlist of fan zones in the UK that will be playing the 2024 Euro games, then looked at the price of entry, google review ratings, Google search volume, the cost of a soft drink, and the cost of transportation in order to determine the best UK fan zones that will be screening the 2024 Euros.

●     Cost of entry – desk research

●     Google reviews – Google

●     Google search volume – Google Keyword Planner

●     Cost of a soft drink (coke 0.33 litre bottle) – Numbeo

●     Cost of One-way Ticket (Local Transport) –  Numbeo

Each location was ranked using the above metrics to achieve an overall score out of 10.

Data correct as of 21/05/2024.

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