SimpleBet, a prominent developer of micro-betting products with partnerships with industry giants like DraftKings, Caesars Sportsbook, and bet365, recently unveiled its latest groundbreaking innovation: Same Inning Parlays for Major League Baseball games.

This cutting-edge product allows bettors to place premade, multiple-leg parlay bets on specific instances within a baseball game, adding a new layer of depth to the wagering experience. For example, bettors can place bets on scenarios like a batter hitting a home run on a curveball during an at-bat or Aaron Judge hitting a home run, the Yankees scoring 2 or more runs, and the opposing pitcher throwing more than 20 pitches all in the same inning. 

Exciting New Things

SimpleBet’s CEO, Chris Bevilacqua, expressed immense pride in the launch of Same Inning Parlay, envisioning a transformation of the baseball betting experience in the second half of the season. Bettors now have the thrilling opportunity to win significant sums with minimal stakes, further intensifying the excitement levels.

The rollout of Same Inning Parlay is expected to receive a positive response from their valued partners by adding an extra dimension of enjoyment and engagement for sports betting enthusiasts. Currently, bettors may not have the option to create their own Same Inning Parlays, but this innovation allows them to participate in premade parlay options. 

In addition to Same Inning Parlays, SimpleBet is gearing up to introduce a similar product called “Same Drive Parlay” for the upcoming NFL season. Although specific details about the availability of these parlays on different sites were not disclosed, SimpleBet’s commitment to enhancing the sports betting experience and catering to a broader audience of bettors is evident.

SimpleBet’s Growth

SimpleBet’s remarkable 225% year-over-year growth in MLB micro betting handle is a testament to its success, with over 15 million bets processed through their partner sportsbooks during the first half of the baseball season. With live markets in 27 states and collaborations with prominent sportsbooks like DraftKings and Caesars, SimpleBet continues to solidify its position as a significant player in the sports betting industry.

Plateaus For Sportsbooks

Traditionally, sportsbooks face challenges in generating handles during the months of June and July. Approximately 30% of most sportsbooks’ total action comes from in-game betting. Same Game Parlays have been a game changer, particularly for FanDuel. According to their 2022 Capital Markets Day, an impressive four out of five customers have engaged in Same Game Parlays on their app.

This concept has rapidly gained traction among U.S. bettors, thanks to the abundance of statistical categories available in popular American sports like baseball and basketball. The appeal and versatility of Same Game Parlays have had a profound impact on the bottom lines of sportsbooks, offering bettors an exciting and engaging way to wager on various aspects of a single game. 


SimpleBet’s introduction of Same Inning Parlays marks a significant leap forward in the sports betting industry. This innovative product not only transforms the baseball betting experience but also adds depth and excitement to the wagering opportunities available to bettors.

With its impressive partnerships and remarkable growth in MLB micro betting handle, SimpleBet has firmly established itself as a leading player in the market. As they prepare to launch Same Drive Parlays for the upcoming NFL season, it is evident that SimpleBet is committed to pushing the boundaries of sports betting, providing enthusiasts with cutting-edge and immersive wagering experiences.

With such groundbreaking offerings, SimpleBet continues to pave the way for the future of sports betting, delighting both bettors and partners alike. 

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