In a recent data revelation by Optimove, it was discovered that about 61% of NFL bettors place their bets live during the games, illustrating a deep level of engagement. However, fostering strong brand loyalty is posing challenges in the sector, as approximately 54% of these bettors use two or more betting sites for wagering.

You can view this entire report here. But let’s jump into some key points.

Brand Loyalty and Marketing Fatigue among NFL Bettors

While general online shoppers are known to have increased marketing fatigue, with about 66% wanting to see fewer promotional messages, NFL bettors seem more open to marketing communication. A smaller proportion, just 37%, expressed the desire to receive fewer marketing messages. Additionally, when it comes to brand loyalty, the betting industry appears to face uphill battles, with more than half the bettors employing multiple platforms every week for pacing their bets.

Live Betting: A Mark of Deep Engagement

The act of live betting during matches, prevalent among 61% of bettors, emphasizes their deep engagement and continued interest in betting, even as the game progresses. This opens up multiple opportunities for betting platforms to interact and engage their customer base, keeping the betting excitement alive throughout the match.

Insights into Responsible Gambling Practices

In an encouraging revelation, 92% of the bettors are aware of responsible gambling resources, and 40% utilized these tools for assistance or setting limits. Moreover, 81% manage a specific budget for their NFL betting endeavors, adhering to recommended practices. However, it’s concerning that 45% admitted to wagering beyond their affordability, highlighting the need for stronger emphasis on responsible gambling.

The Dominance of Giants: DraftKings and FanDuel

DraftKings and FanDuel continue to dominate the field, being the preferred platforms for 23% and 13% of the respondents, respectively. These platforms earned customer favor due to their ease of use and appealing promotional offers that usually involve free bets. Wage preferences among bettors incline towards the spread, total, and player props.

Our Thoughts on the News

While the enthusiasm and deep engagement surrounding live betting are impressive in the NFL betting scene, the lack of brand loyalty indicates room for improving client retention strategies. However, the awareness of and adherence to responsible gambling tools provides a silver lining, and we hope to see further emphasis on promoting responsible betting, particularly among those wagering more than they can afford to lose. The industry’s continued growth and the rise in betting frequency will require a holistic approach for engaging customers not just during the game’s progression but even beyond the betting window.

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