Of late, Cryptocurrencies have become a new buzzword all across the world. Popular digital currencies like Bitcoin have made headlines in the media for the past few years and continue to attract people to invest. India is certainly not an exception when it comes to investing in it. There are more than 10K of digital coins in the market and more and more people are now looking for options in this domain. India also we have many people willing to invest in digital coins. How about checking some of the most profitable digital currencies in India as under:


Bitcoin – The first digital coin to be considered is Bitcoin, which remains the largest one in the world having a market cap of 646 billion USD. For virtual currencies, BTC has remained the new household name for many investors including from India as well. Bitcoin has gone up to 64K USD in April and now still remains on the top attracts people from all over the country to invest including India. There are several areas in the US and Europe were transacting in Bitcoin has become the new norm.


Ethereum – The next Cryptocurrency is Ethereum often called ETH and it is developed using the technology called a blockchain. When it comes to utility, ETH scores the point. The feature is known as a smart contract that helps in developing to build many blockchain-based apps that are being supported by NFT. There have been years on the go when ETH has been priced high and it has gone 1.9K USD and now it is a lucrative option for the Indians.


Tether – The next choice of digital currency is Tether as far as having an option with low risks. Even the people who are prejudiced about virtual currencies are seen interested in investing in it as it offers less risk unlike other coins like BTC and ETH. It is also called a stable coin for the very same reason and the value you get is good when we compare it with the traditional currencies like USD and even INR. Thus you have enough chance to gain big as every single Tether is linked with a single USD.


Binance Coin – After ETH, Tether, and BTC, we can call Binance the next big digital coin in the market. It comes with a market cap of around 43 Billion USD. The very purpose of this coin is to sustain and hence the trade and pay fees remain less on the exchange for this digital coin. This is the reason why it is even traded at one of the largest exchanges in the world. The value of Binance Coin is constantly growing.


Cardano – Of late, we have seen some buzz around this coin, thanks to the auto giant Tesla owner Elon Musk who rightly pointed out how to find digital coins in this environment. It has remained the complete proof of stake that is known to have given the best of the options to the world. All thanks to the lower energy requirement and quicker transaction time, Cardano has emerged as the best digital coin for the audience in India.

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