Talk about digital currency or Cryptocurrency, the first thing that comes to our mind is nothing but Bitcoin. Whether you talk about Bitcoin or any other coins like ETH, we have a huge long list that comes under the garb of digital currency. There are around 10K of digital currencies and these can have both good and bad things about cryptos. In other words, these coins have both good and bad things, which are interesting to check. Let’s do the same as under:


The Good 


Fast and Affordable – It is simple and remains fast and inexpensive. You barely take a few minutes to take away the money. Irrespective of the kind of destination, it is seen making a move through the traditional bank that makes things costly. While we talk about digital currencies, they barely have much about an affordable cost as these come along with minimal amounts. When we talk about bitcoin, the cost remains very much minimal.


Decentralized issuance – Since digital currencies are often regulated and thus remain very much in the central bank and government and thus can be seen distributed along with the same. The currency is demobilized that is seen with Bitcoin that is seen coming along with the traditional money and has several populations. There is no interference from third parties.


Lower Fraud and Transparency – The other good thing about digital currency is that it helps in carrying out complete transactions without disclosing background financial information regarding the seller. Bitcoin comes along with digital cash, which hackers are seen handling it like anyway. At this juncture, we see it getting reduced to true identifying like the hidden one for the good.


The Bad 


Volatile nature– When it comes to volatility, Bitcoin prices are very much volatile in nature, it

gives issues like rising and fall of the same. There are speculators who are keen to gain more revenue and we see genuine investors are not seen playing a lethal role with the same. Since there are no regulations for Bitcoin or any other digital currency, one can see many more taxes not coming in their way.


Risk of losing the coins – If you are seen coming along with the hard drive that is seen crashing over it along with putting the virus corruption records that come along with the wallet file that tends to remain corrupted. There is much more to come along with this and one can find too many coins to getting orphaned to an indefinite one. If you see people’s things messing up, the wallets would lose BTCs.


New Economy and Consumer Protection – As digital currencies are known to have their

own bugs, we see them getting more discoveries. Bitcoin or any other digital currency that is seen coming up with the new scheme. Bitcoin or digital currency are seen coming along with the bugs that are seen coming along with the Bitcoin economy. There is no functionality about Bitcoin or any other digital currency that remains the concern for many.


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