As we see the rise of Bitcoin and other digital currencies we see many things happening all across the world. This also includes Bitcoin in India. It has attracted Indian investors in a big way. However, the case seems to be of interest in India when we see many Indian investors have been waiting for their official verdict about digital coin exchanges that are seen in the country. Even though one can find countries like El Salvador embracing the revolution of digital currency in India. One can find India to be still mulling a lot on this issue.

Earlier last week, we saw Jayant Singh who remains the chairman of the PSC dealing with Finance were seen say about the online event, which the Indian government regarding the distinctive approach for regulating digital currencies in India. The statement came up with the idea that digital currency is seen as regulated in the nation. India is seen moving under the mull over the problem. Earlier, Jayant Singh was seen coming along with the said community that is dealing with the regulation of digital currency in India. The statement is seen coming along with the time while carrying out the digital currency is seen remaining unregulated over the country. India is seen coming along with a strong base of digital currency-based investors and exchanges. However, the investors are seen coming along in the dark regarding the future of digital currency.

Is digital currency illegal in India? 

Currently, we see Bitcoin among the top digital currencies that are seen going beyond the purview regarding the legal regulations found in India. We may not be able to call them illegal since they are not even coming under the authority that simply uses the central authority seen in the nation. Digital currencies like Bitcoin tend to remain outside along with putting the scope of any regulations, rules, or guidelines. This helps Bitcoin transactions take place, you can find some risk as we see too many disputes coming along with the exchanges that are not often legally bound.

Cryptocurrency Taxes 

Although we see India yet to put any ban or come out with any kind of regulation regarding digital currency transactions that are seen coming along with the inquiry for issues like transparency as seen in coming undertakings. In April 2021, India came up with some amendments that were introduced along with the Companies Act for this purpose. Due to the transparency factor, we see the digital asset was seen gaining thereof that are seen counted like a capital asset that is seen taxing under capital gains. However, a number of companies are not going to treat different kinds of income and gains that are seen coming along with the regard.

Cryptocurrency Bill 

The bill was discussed and soon was tabled during the winter session of Parliament this year. It is an objective that helps in defining along with classifying digital currency as pre the technology that deals with the same. There is still some amount of debate being seen here at this moment. Nothing much has been finalized.

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