ESPN’s sports betting-focused show, Daily Wager, is bidding farewell to its Las Vegas operations and making its way back to its Connecticut headquarters. The show initially debuted in 2019 with Doug Kezirian as the host, beginning on ESPNews and later transitioning to ESPN2. 

In 2020, Daily Wager relocated to Las Vegas as part of a collaboration between Caesars and ESPN, setting up its studio at The LINQ Hotel. However, with ESPN’s recent partnership [announcement to launch ESPN BET] in association with PENN Entertainment, the decision has been made for Daily Wager to return to its original location.

ESPN BET Coming Soon

The new partnership with PENN Entertainment has given rise to the imminent launch of ESPN BET, an online sportsbook closely tied to the network. This launch is anticipated in the upcoming fall season, potentially coinciding with Thanksgiving Day, as indicated by PENN Entertainment CEO Jay Snowden during the discussion with analysts.

Effective from September 7th, the show will resume production at ESPN; ‘s primary studios in Bristol, Connecticut. Its schedule on ESPN2 will span from Thursdays to Mondays, strategically aligning with major football events. Notably, the first episode on this revamped schedule will coincide with the commencement of the NFL regular season. 

Going Back Home

As ESPN aligns its strategies with the new sportsbook venture, it’s actively concluding its marketing partnerships with Caesars Entertainment and DraftKings. Caesars Entertainment, which owns The Linq Promenade on the Las Vegas Strip, has been integral to Daily Wager’s Las Vegas Experience.

Reflecting on the Las Vegas Chapter, Scott Clark, Vice President of Fantasy and Sports Betting Content, conveyed appreciation for the content created and the memories made during this period. He stated,

“ ESPN generated valuable content and cherished experiences during our tenure at the Las Vegas studio. As we prepare to launch our new ESPN BET endeavor this fall, we believe it’s most fitting to return to our headquarters. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone we collaborated with at Caesars Entertainment over the past few years.”

However, with the upcoming launch of ESPN BET, the decision to return to headquarters is seen as a logical step. As ESPN’s venture into the Sports Betting Realm evolves, the future holds exciting prospects for the network. 


Daily Wager, the sports betting-centered show, is saying goodbye to its Las Vegas operations and transitioning back to its headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. The show’s stay in Las Vegas began in 2020 through a partnership between Caesars and ESPN.

However, the announcement of ESPN’s partnership with PENN Entertainment to introduce ESPN BET, an online sportsbook connected to the network, has prompted Daily Wager to head back home. As the network prepared for the launch of this new product, returning to headquarters is the most suitable move. The future looks promising as ESPN continues to expand into the sports betting industry.

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