7 NBA Betting Promos & Sign-Up Bonuses to Use on Celtics-Pacers, Timberwolves-Mavericks

If you are a fan of the NBA or any other sport, you can find exceptional welcome offers from the top sports betting sites. Our favorite sportsbooks all provide different types of promotions that are usually claimed through creating a new account, a minimum deposit and a first bet for most offers.

You still have time to activate these promos as we are underway in the conference finals round of the NBA Playoffs. The NBA Finals are slated to begin on June 6 and we await the two finalists to win their respective conference final series.

FanDuel provides one of our favorite offers among the sportsbooks on this list and is available in over 20 legal sports betting states. You can earn $150 in bonus bets with a winning $5 bet on any market or odds.


Here is the complete list of our favorite welcome promos for the NBA or any other sport you prefer.

1. FanDuel

Bet $5, Get $150 in bonus bets if your first bet wins

The FanDuel promo can be found by clicking this link to set up a new account. Once you finish account registration, you’ll need a minimum $10 deposit and at least a $5 bet on any market or odds.

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It pays to pick a favorite because you earn the $150 in bonus bets if your first bet wins. Meanwhile, a miss is treated like any other losing bet on the platform.

If you win, the cash profits hit your account and the bonus bets deposit within 72 hours. You’ll have seven days to use the bonus bets to fund any wager within the FanDuel mobile app.

2. DraftKings

No Sweat Bet up to $1,500 in bonus bets

You won’t need a promo code but can activate the DraftKings offer by clicking here or using the module below. You can set up a new account, make at least a $5 deposit and place $1 on any market or odds to have your first bet covered up to $1,500.

Along with BetMGM, these two first bet insurance offers are among the highest-value promotions you can currently find. Here’s how the DraftKings offer works:

  • If you win, you profit cash and keep the stake but don’t earn any bonus bets
  • A stake miss is recovered by bonus bets from DraftKings

If you earn the bonus bets, you’ll have seven days upon receipt in your account to use the bonus funds on any wager you prefer.

3. BetMGM

20% Deposit Match or $1,500 First bet insurance

BetMGM provides the choice between two offers in almost all locations, besides New York. Make sure to use the corresponding bonus code with the offer you wish to activate:


This bonus code activates the 20% deposit match on your first deposit on the platform. The main requirement is that the deposit must be $10 or more to get started.

Once you deposit, you earn sports bonus that must be used within seven days on the platform. Any cash you profit from the sports bonus cannot be accessed until you meet the next requirement.

In your first 30 days, BetMGM requires you to cash bet 10x the bonus earned. You can meet the requirement across multiple bets and the cash is available to use once you hit that threshold.


The alternate offer is another first bet insurance promo up to $1,500 in bonus bets. This promo works the exact same as the DraftKings offer with a higher deposit requirement of $10.

You’ll need a cash bet of any size on any market or odds to qualify. A win profits cash while a miss is covered by bonus bet payments from BetMGM.

Each time bonus bets hit your account, you’ll have seven days to use them as funds for a wager within the book.

4. bet365

$1,000 First Bet Safety Net or Bet $5, Get $150 in bonus bets

In any bet365 state, you now have the choice between two offers. bet365 is currently available in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio and Virginia.

Use the bet365 bonus code SHNEWS to activate one of the following welcome promos:

$1,000 First Bet Safety Net

Once again, you can find a first bet insurance up to $1,000 on your first cash bet on the platform. Imagine I placed $500 on the field vs. Boston Celtics to win the NBA Finals at +140.

  • A win would profit $700 and return my $500 stake. I would then have $1,200 to use throughout the platform or withdraw to my bank account
  • A miss means bet365 deposits $500 of bonus bets to my account within an hour of bet settlement

Bonus bets from either offer work the same and deposit to your account within an hour. You’ll then have seven days to use the bonus funds on wagers within bet365.

Bet $5, Get $150

The alternate offer is best used on a favorite as long as it falls within the bet requirement of -500 or greater odds.

An example would be a $10 deposit and $5 on the Boston Celtics -400 to win Game 2 on Thursday night. While this doesn’t profit that much cash, it allows you to access the bonus bets with a lower upfront cost to the promotion.

No matter how your bet settles, you win $150 in bonus bets within an hour of the end of the game.


$1,000 First Bet Reset

Buckle up, because you can find another first bet insurance through ESPN BET, which is a rapidly-expanding sportsbook created by media giant ESPN. I’ll admit that ESPN BET has exceptional user interface and some interesting props and markets for many popular sports.

You’ll need a $10 deposit and cash bet on any market or odds to qualify. Additionally, you’ll need to manually apply the promo code SHNEWS to your account registration or else ESPN BET doesn’t let you access the promo.

This offer allows you to either profit cash or cover the miss with bonus bets that are funds to use within the app for seven days.

6. Fanatics Sportsbook

Bet and get up to $1,000 in bonus bets

Fanatics provides a unique offer that you can find by clicking this link or using the module below. You can earn a bonus bet match each day with a daily wager over a 10 day promotional period.

Fanatics will reward a maximum $100 in bonus bets each day when you place a maximized $100 wager. No matter what, you earn the bonus bet match as long as you opt-in daily and place the first bet of the day on -200 or greater odds.

It’s OK to skip a day of wagering with no penalty or forfeiture of your bonus bets already earned. If you skip, it just means you can’t earn bonus bets on that particular day.

7. Caesars Sportsbook

$1,000 First bet on the house

Caesars Sportsbook tops off our list with another first bet insurance offer that is activated by using the module below and setting up an account with promo code HANDLENEWS1000. If you click this link or use the module, the promo code is automatically applied to the sign-up page.

Once your account is completed, you’ll need a $10 deposit and wager on any market or odds throughout the many categories of sports provided by Caesars. The big key difference between this promo and the other first bet insurances on the list is how the bonus bets are deposited.

Many of the offers on this list provide bonus bets that can be split up across many wagers as long as you have bonus bets in your account. They literally work as a currency to use within the app so if you earn $100 of bonus bets you can split across 20 $5 wagers or any other combination.

However, Caesars deposits the bonus bets as a single bonus bet chunk.

For example, if my $100 stake loses and I earn a $100 bonus bet, I’ll need to use the bonus bet in its entirety on a $100 wager. Luckily, I’ll have 14 days to decide on how to use my bonus bet throughout Caesars Sportsbook.


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